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Written by Thy Cameron

September 9, 2023

Shirley ready to play at her eistedford. I was very proud of the outfit I had made for her and she was very proud to come home with her gold certificate. The years passed and she went on playing but a day did come when she stopped. In 2013, as her cancer continued to rage, she went to her piano and started to play – just for a short time – and then she stood up and very deliberatey closed the lid. As she moved away I knew I had heard her for the last time.. But while the music stopped on earth – not long after she said, “Mum, you know I am dying: please help me die” – the music of a life well lived in the end rings out in heaven. For a start, her story made available in the book, “Mum, please help me die” continues to bless and comfort ( see Amazon) Again and again I am amazed by what God does through her story.


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