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Written by Thy Cameron

August 31, 2022

2022-08-29T15:25:20.000Z”Full many a glorious flower is born to blush unseen” – but not these ones! We visited the Clanwilliam flower show this week
and ended up quite bewitched. I have always remembered that line of poetry but not who wrote it or what the poem is called. “Why, Thy?” you ask. Well, because I can’t get passed the tragedy of being “born to blush unseen”. But how much more tragic to be born human and believe you’re “born to blush unseen”! And it’s simply not true. God sees each one, watches over each one, delights in each one and never looks away. This is why He never “slumbers nor sleeps”. And this is why we cannot believe we are “unseen” – not by Him anyway.

# flowershow
# tragedy
#God watching
#God’s delight
# constant watchfulness
# Clanwilliam


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